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Poshmark: My Latest Obsession

Poshmark: My Latest Obsession

For as long as I’ve known my friend Jen, she’s been an organizing freak guru, and she’s totally taught me her ways over the years.  I mean, you can’t be friends for someone for 20+ years without their talents rubbing off on you, right?

Jen loves to clean out closets, organize the disorganized, and purge all the things.  Inspired (always) by her passion, I’ve been working hard to clean out the excess in my home this summer.  I’ve been cleaning out cupboards, saying so long to housewares and other non-essentials, and when it came to clothes, I had a bit of a problem.

No, not a buying problem (but we could probably talk about that over coffee at some point), but a what-to-do-with-the-excess-clothes problem.  For years, I’ve used a consignment store in Denver… but when they closed with little notice and went silent (along with the money I’d made in my account), I needed to find a new way to sell my gently used goods.

While I love consignment, those stores are picky.  They rightfully turn up their nose at certain brands that they just don’t carry, which leaves you in a pickle with some very lovely items and no where to sell them.  I’ve donated a TON to Goodwill/Arc over the years… but many of the items I’m looking to offload are in excellent condition and worth some money.  Not a ton, but worth a shot.

The thought of eBay gave me a headache… but then I remembered a post I’d seen, and I found the right place for me to sell all my goodies: Poshmark

In case you’re rushing out to check it out now, use my promo code GEPKE to earn $5 in credit.  More details on how that works below… 

I believe I first heard about Postmark from the lovely Emily over at Authentically Emmie.  I can only imagine that she has one of the most beautiful closets ever, y’all… Emily had posted about selling some items on Poshmark and I thought I’d check it out.

I downloaded the app and quickly realized that this was the place for me.  It’s a marketplace full of clothing, accessories, makeup, and shoes… all sizes, all brands.  Stuff I would love to buy, and stuff I’m shocked that people actually have listed.  I immediately new that my closet had found their future home.

The site/app has a great FAQ section to give you the skinny on how things work, but here’s a few of my personal tips:

  • You make more money here than you ever would at consignment!  Items $15 and below, Poshmark collects $2.95.  They collect 20% of the sale value for anything above $15.  Note:  Most consignment stores keep 60-70% of the profit.
  • The buyer pays all shipping costs.  A flat fee of $6.95 is applied to every purchase, and you as the seller are sent a pre-paid priority shipping label.  You simply print it and attach it to a box.  Voila!
  • Seasonal items sell best.  Keep your off season items in a plastic tote and list them later.  They’ll sell when the timing is right! Example:  I’m not thinking about tall boots and sweaters right now, but I’d love your cute sundresses and off-shoulder tops for summer!  
  • There is no listing fee tied to listing your items and no limit on how many you can list.
  • Be careful about browsing… You’ll find all sorts of things that you want to buy, available to you at just a click.  Dangerous!

I quickly began listing items, and it was so dang easy!  All you have to do is take a few well-lit pics of your pieces, and save them on the listing.  A quick description and a few classifications (size, brand, price, etc) and you’re item is ready to go!  Also, I notice that items sell for pretty reasonable prices on the site, and people are willing to pay for cute stuff!  

What sells?

Here’s a peek at my closet.  As you can see, if you’re able to find my closet, you can view everything I’ve got listed.  Why this is helpful?  If we are similar in size, you’re likely to see stuff here that will work for you.  I’ve been following some ladies that have same shoe size, dress size, and have bought multiple things!  It’s great!  To check out my closet, click here.

  • Things that people can search sell best.  So, if you know the top is from Loft, indicate that.  If your jeans are Democracy brand, list that!  Be sure to include the size and color and any detail you can recall.  This helps people find your goods!
  • Don’t overcharge.  This is about making a little bit off your clothes, but you’re not going to make full price on used goods.  Poshmark also has a “make an offer” button, which people will use to offer less than your asking price.  Others will just make purchase.  It’s a mix.  Be fair though.
  • Take good pictures.  Lighting is important so that people can see colors and such.  Also, take a moment to make sure your clothes look great.  Ironing (I know it sucks) can make a big difference.  Arrange them nicely, etc.  It just takes moments, and yields profit!
  • Disclose the details.  If there’s a scuff on the shoe, take a pic and call it out.  People love to ask me how long a skirt is or how high a heel is. Measure these things, or take pics next to a yard stick.  Easy peazy.

What About Shipping?

As I mentioned, Poshmark will charge your seller a $6.95 flat fee for priority shipping.  Your responsibility is to print that pre-paid label, attach it to a box, and get it to the post office.

Poshmark also recommends adding your personal touch to the shipment with tissue paper and a note.  I do this with all of my shipments.  Well, unless the item is white.  I worry about anything getting close to white stuff…

I picked up some cute paper and these notes at the Target Dollar Spot this week.  So so cute, and spoiler alert, if you buy anything from me… it’s probably going to show up wrapped in this stuff.  At least for the next 20 items.

Also, you can pick up FREE non-flat rate USPS Priority Mail boxes at the post office.  Use those.  Super easy and most items will fit inside.

Does It Work?

So… If you look at my closet details, you’ll see that I’ve listed 114 things.  Yep, one hundred and fourteen.  That’s crazy, but that’s the type of cleaning out we’re doing over here.  At the time of this post, I had only 62 items available for sale… and I’d already sold FIFTY ITEMS!  Those 50 items equate to almost $700 in profit (crazy, I know!)  I would NEVER have made $700 if I’d done this via consignment.  Additionally, if you peek through my closet, it’s not like I have a bunch of high end stuff… just a lot of little stuff that adds up!

So, I’m guessing you might be interested in at least taking a look at the site.  This is 100% just a post about something I love… nothing sponsored (although Poshmark, let’s chat!).  When you sign up for the first time, if you use my promo code GEPKE, you can get a $5 credit to your account to use as you please.  Disclaimer:  I receive $5 when you purchase your first item.  

Last night, I went through my closet one more time.  I attempted to pull a Marie Kondo Tidying Up approach… and ended up with quite a few things that needed to go.  In the end, I know this is a process, and that I’ll continue to have things to sell, but I’m excited to have found a way to get rid of things when it’s time!

Do you use Poshmark?  If so, comment with your User Name below!  I’d love to follow you.

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Poshmark: My Latest Obsession originally appeared on No Thanks to Cake on 07/05/2017.

The post Poshmark: My Latest Obsession appeared first on No Thanks to Cake.

For as long as I’ve known my friend Jen, she’s been an organizing freak guru, and she’s totally taught me her ways over the years.  I mean, you can’t be friends for someone for 20+ years without their talents rubbing off on you, right? Jen loves to clean out closets, organize the disorganized, and purge all…

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The post Poshmark: My Latest Obsession appeared first on No Thanks to Cake.

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Currently: May 2017

Currently, I love that it’s a long weekend.  I love leisurely afternoons.  I love warm days that are not hot, and that the sun shines late into the evening.  There’s not much I don’t love about this weekend, so indulge me as I tell you what’s going on currently.

And, who doesn’t love Justin Timberlake introducing May.  Truly one of my most favorite memes out there, I love seeing the many versions of it pop up in late April/May…


I haven’t really read any new books this month, but I have downloaded two with great intentions.  I’ve got Wonder on my shelf to read.  I spotted the trailer for the new movie with Julia Roberts based upon the book, and I felt the need to read it first!

I also snagged Lena Dunham’s memoir as well, but Wonder is definitely next on my list.  Hoping to tackle it before the new Elin Hildebrand is released in June.


I am obsessed with Poshmark this month.  Cleaning out my closet has been long on my list, but I didn’t realize how much fun (and how easy!) it could be.  I’ll post more this week about how it works, because it’s such a cool app.

To take a peek at my closet, click here.  To sign up for yourself and get a $5 credit using code GEKPE, click here.


I knew when I heard that Dirty Dancing was going to be remade that it was going to be something that I hate-watched.  I mean, I would have to watch it… because Dirty Dancing, but that didn’t mean I had to like it.  The question I have for network TV is:  Why mess with perfection?  It just doesn’t work.  Did you guys watch this?


Sugar snap peas… they’re incredible roasted.  Try it.


Peonies.  White ones, pink ones… I can’t get enough of them.  Someone enlighten me as to why these are only around for like weeks a year.  They are purely lovely… and my absolute favorite.   Peonies, 2 Tulips.


I have paint chips all over my house and a strong desire to have a fresh coat of paint on these walls.  From the living room to the office to the bathroom, there’s little squares of Sherwin Williams everywhere.  Good news:  I believe I’ve finally made a decision!


I’m changing out a light fixture in my bathroom before I paint.  There’s something about a new fixture that really frames a room, and it’s time for those hollywood dressing room style lights to go.  Can’t wait to see what the new one looks like… it’s a little different, unique, and so very me.

The handyman comes this week, and I’ve got a few project ideas for him.  My plan is to keep him busy over the next few weeks.


Right now, I’m doing something I’ve never really done since I’ve lived in my condo.  I’m sitting out on my patio.  Not only is the weather incredible (slightly cool, yet sunny and bright), it’s also quiet and comfortable and just lovely.

I have some string lights in my garage that I’m tempted to bring up tomorrow to hang.  I’ll wait until Father’s Day weekend to plant flowers (as is customary in Colorado)… and this place will be perfect.


I have two (maybe three) trips coming up FINALLY!  I’ve been home for almost two months now without and business or personal travel and I’m about to lose my mind!!!

This month, I’m off to San Diego to visit my dear friend Crystal, a quick trip to Chicago for work, and a potential trip to Las Vegas to celebrate a dear friend later in the month.  Get me outta here…


Have you seen the Lou & Grey line at Loft?   You guys… it’s a little pricy, but touch the fabrics.  They’re like butter.  I bought a top today to try it out, and I’m already wishing I had bought two.  So, so cozy.


Earlier in the month, I wrote about my floating experience at Samana Float Center.  And, I’m still floating!  Later today, I’ll float for the third time.

For me, there’s something incredible about floating before the work week gets started, stopping all the shoulds, and just “being” for 90 minutes.  Read all about my experience here.


There are so many shows about LOVE right now.  Maybe it’s because we’re in-between a lot of the network shows’ seasons… but I’m loving the shows that are on right now.  Of course, Married at First Sight is at the top of my list.

This Chicago group has been really fun to watch.  I think Nate/Sheila have more staying power than I thought originally, and Ashley and Anthony seem pretty well matched.  I just can’t put my finger on what the heck is going on with the last couple, Cody and Danielle.  I’m rooting for them all though!

Other shows:  Bachelorette, Andy Cohen’s revival of Love Connection (did anyone else watch this as a kid?  I’ll be back in two-and-two…), and Drew Barrymore has a First Dates show.  I have yet to watch the Andy/Drew shows, but I have them queued up on my DVR.  A summer of love… I’m all for it!


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Currently: May 2017 originally appeared on No Thanks to Cake on 05/29/2017.

The post Currently: May 2017 appeared first on No Thanks to Cake.

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