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Spiralized Beets with Chive-Balsamic Dressing

Spiralized Beets with Chive-Balsamic Dressing Have I ever told you guys that I have two spiralizers?  Confession:  I do.  Additional confession:  I’m thinking about buying a third! An early adopter of spiralizing, I bought a Paderno 3-blade spiralizer way back when which I’ve used for years, and then I got a free one when I hosted a

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Baked Spiralized Jicama Fries

Baked Spiralized Jicama Fries Jicama was my new veggie for 2017.  I’d never had it, and I quickly became a HUGE fan.  Maybe you remember my jicama taco shells??  Incredible alternative, and carb-free! I tried jicama for the first time when I was in Chicago with my friend Laurel, and she shared that she’d been

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Buffalo Cauliflower Steaks

Buffalo Cauliflower Steaks When I was in California last week, my friend Crystal and I considered grilling some cauliflower, but never got around to it.  I’ve been interested in the whole concept of cauliflower steaks for a long time.  And, finally, after a million years… I’ve tried it. You GUYS.  This is so so good.

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Tomato and Hearts of Palm Salad

I’ve been experiencing a bit of insomnia lately partially due to stress, partially due to a neighbor with an affinity for loud bass music in the night right under my bedroom window (insert eye roll.)  As a result, I’ve found myself awake a bit more than I’d like in the wee hours. That being said,

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